Road access to OReillys remains officially closed, with limited access for overnight guests between 1-3pm. Want to visit for the day? Join a special convoy from Canungra Valley Vineyards at 9:30am on Sunday April 23 or Tuesday April 25.

The O’Reilly’s family have welcomed thousands of people to their home over the past 90 years. As a result, many stories have been created, relationships formed and passions ignited.

During the year of 2016 we receieved over 6 thousand entries from people all over the world. We read some amazing stories and in return we are delighted to announce the following winners of our 90 holiday giveaways.


Alyssa Jane
Pat Trifaro
Shaani Spence
Kate Dodd
Sheena Mulvey
Mr & Mrs Allan and Kaye Nutley
Norah Pearson
Hannah Coulter
Ms Julie Ann Charles
Louise Magee
Ms Teresa Casasola
Mrs Lisa Neilson
Christie Lambert
Pauline Blackman
Ms Marilyn Rollins
Mr Geoffrey Crowd
Mr Mike Bell
Ray White
Ms Melissa Monk
Gold Coast Connect Melbourne
Holidays For Couples Magazine
Holidays For Couples Magazine
Kersti Kitching
Todd Eunson
Teresa Bui
Robbie Lappan
Meagan Hutchins
Rachael Petrak
Eimeár Greaney

Rodney Strahan
Craig Wood
Pamela Pearce
M & B Mansfield
Peta Carless
Aiken Walker
Kate Abbott
Anastasia Jamieson
Sarah Dancer
Belinda Symons
Suzannah Arkle
A M Hodgkinson
Angie Manners
Hayley Pratt
Gina – Girls Night In Event (Winner Susan Harriman Tel: 3399 5228)
Michelle Winthrop Culligan
Melissa Monk
Wendy Taylor
Michelle Waktare Was Jones
Lilia Bernede
Kevin Finn
Victoria McMillan
Fiona Anne Bangay (parents Mabel and Colin Kath will stay)
Di Reeves
Leesa Cavanagh
Tahlia swartz
Matt lamberton
Aleisha Franklin
Belinda Symons

Gail Barnett
Nicole Belej
Daniel Lalor
Patrice Cafferky
Delmae Norris
Elaina Berry
Ashlea Mann-Carthey
Cushla Waahi
Janara Sparke
Megan McLaren
Stefanie McDonald
Julie Whiteley
Heather Gold
Adam Scott
Christine Schofield
Dorothy Price
Kathy Flanagan
Richard Maliszewski
Allan Onyett
Richard Moffat
Lauren Skelly
michael borrell
Loren Rachael Wall
Allana Brown
Jodi Lawrence
Wendy McKeon
Joan Kedwell
Valissa Saville
Helen Flint
Samantha Mulligan