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Picnic Moscato


Picnic Moscato

For all those that admire the sweeter things in life, our Picnic Moscato is sure to satisfy!

From the moment it hits your nose you know that you are in for a sweet treat! The apricot hits the nose first, followed by cumquat and other citrus. This is not a wine you can nose for very long as you will quickly give in and you’ll find yourself at the bottom of your first glass before you know it.  The tastes of a sweet but ultra smooth moscato is unlike any you have tasted before. If you are a sweet tooth, do yourself a real favour and try a bottle or two.

“I’m one that scouts at the desert menu before I book a restaurant; so when it comes to sweet, I know what I’m talking about. The O’Reilly’s Picnic Moscato is one of the best I have tasted!”
– Melissa Edgar



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