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O’Reilly’s Eco Rangers By Grace and Abby

The Corroboree Ring

At Eco Rangers O’Reilly’s have many fun activities and one of them is the Corroboree Ring. The parents drop their kids off then all of us walk down to the Corroboree Ring which is located near the Tree Top Walk. After that, we all tell stories and then it is time to eat. This activity is usually done at lunch time so for lunch we have pizza. We make our pizzas then we cook them. We cook the pizzas on the fire and it is so much fun. Then, it is time for a treat. For dessert we have melted marshmallow and chocolate in an ice cream cone. Mmm isn’t that yummy! Following this we all warm up by the fire. After that we head back to Eco Rangers.

“What a fun lunch time.”

Arts and crafts are more fun in the Rainforest

At Eco Rangers we do panting, colouring and collage. However, at Easter time we create our own Easter hats and parade through the Dining Room at breakfast. The highlight of Easter morning is the Easter egg hunt. Some of the staff hide the eggs and off we go finding the eggs. Then we share them out and we have a taste just to make sure they are up with the Easter Bunny’s standard. “Well, it has been a fun morning.”

Glow Worms

After dinner we all hop on the bus and drive down to the valley near the Glow Worm wall. We hop off the bus, grab a torch, and start walking down to the wall. On the way we find little creatures like frogs, Pademelon Wallabies and crayfish.

We finally get to the wall and see all the pretty Glow Worms shining in the moonlight. The guide tells us the fascinating things about the Glow Worms and then we head back to the Eco Rangers room and off to bed. “What a big day.”

Flying Fox

After a six minute bus trip we get out and have to put on big heavy gear like cables, harness and straps – and the guide helps you because I don’t listen to the instructions. Then we have to walk up the “happy hill” – which is not very happy at all because it is steep and the heavy gear makes it hard. But once you get to the top it is victory! Then you have to wait until it is your turn and then the guide has to attach your cable so you don’t die. And then you go zipping down the zip line which is 180metres long and feels like a 100 metres high. Some people feel it is scary but I think it is fun because I go upside down and look at the ground.

Wildlife Encounters

To get to Wildlife Encounters you have to walk down a secret path to some wooden benches which you sit on then the guide brings out a big wooden box and a jar of honey. The guide then opens the box and reveals a group of these cute fluffy baby sugar gliders. Then we dip our fingers in the honey and lure them out. Once they are out they are out they grab your finger with their soft paws and lick all the honey off with their little tongues – like me licking a lollypop. The guide takes the gliders away and brings out a terrifying creature “Page” the carpet python. Page is tame so she doesn’t strangle or bite innocent human beings. You can touch her and if you are brave enough you can hold her. She is cold and scaly. But the real star of the show is “Jackie” the magpie who picks up rubbish and puts it in the bin. Jackie teaches all the kids to look after the environment.

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