Working Towards Better Eco Initiatives

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At O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, Villas and Lost World Spa, we manage facilities with the implementation of several environmentally conscious practices and initiatives.


Since 1997, we have applied greenhouse gas strategies to all building projects and refurbishments. In most instances, this has lead to the commissioning of gas and solar services for space and water heating, however heat pumps have been found to be more efficient in some buildings.


Recycled materials are used where possible in construction of either light weight cabins or blocks of accommodation that contain significant thermal mass.


The water supply at O’Reilly’s is a natural spring high in the mountains. Gravity delivers it to the Guesthouse where it is filtered through sand and then UV light treatment, to ensure that we receive high quality, chemical free water.


A flow-balanced tertiary treatment system sees effluent pass through primary separation and filtration before an activated sludge secondary stage. Clarification occurs prior to a tertiary sand filtration, disinfection and dispersal.

Education & Interpretation

O’Reilly’s is famous for the quality of its interpretive discovery program. 90 years of rainforest and mountain experiences are woven into the content.

Our daily Discovery Program starts at 6:45am and continues till 9:30pm each evening. Guided walks, four wheel drive bus trips, Birds of Prey show, Wildlife encounter show, glow worm walks, audio-visuals and nature documentaries are daily features.

Our children’s activity program runs over Queensland New South Wales school holidays, providing fun nature education for the kids. In the evening the children’s dinner gives Mum and Dad a chance to enjoy the sunset and a quiet dinner while the kids have fun.

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Working with Local Communities

O’Reilly’s policy of employing local people and purchasing from local suppliers whenever possible ensures that ecotourism benefits the local community.

Contribution to Conservation

Our Bird and Wildlife Week surveys provide annual snapshots of fauna populations in the region. All of the data collected through the course of each week is collated and provided to the QPWS for accumulation in their records database.

The Green Mountains Natural History Association (GMNHA) has worked hand in hand with O’Reilly’s since 1976 producing numerous projects that enhance the visitor experience in this section of Lamington National Park. Joint projects include the internationally famous Tree Top Walkway, and the wheelchair accessible Python Rock Track and Lookout.

Since 1916, O’Reilly’s has actively supported research into the natural environment of Lamington National Park. Topics have included canopy arthropods, bird behaviour, botany and forest dynamics and impacts of tourism.

The Coxen’s Fig Parrot is probably Australia’s rarest bird. Populations of this small elusive parrot have plummeted as humans destroyed the lowland rainforests where the birds lived. O’Reilly’s has been an active member of the Recovery Team charged with the responsibility of saving this species from extinction.

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