Road access to OReillys remains officially closed, with limited access for overnight guests between 1-3pm. Want to visit for the day? Join a special convoy from Canungra Valley Vineyards at 9:30am on Sunday April 23 or Tuesday April 25.

Stinson Replica Plane Restoration January 2017

If you have visited O’Reilly’s in the last few weeks, you’ll notice that the replica Stinson Plane on the lawn beside our Guesthouse is getting a makeover! The replica plane was used in the Australian television movie “The Riddle of the Stinson” (1987) where Jack Thompson played Bernard O'Reilly. The [...]
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Birding Report November – December 2016

2nd-Barry Davies got an unexpected first sighting of Olive Whistler in Lamington. It took  35 years of guiding here and on the Booyong Walk down low of all places. This is totally unexpected with this being maybe the only report I’ve heard of Olives anywhere in the park maybe [...]
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O’Reilly’s Eco Rangers By Grace and Abby

O'Reilly's Eco Rangers program is a fun creative way for children aged between 5 and 12 to spend their time at O'Reilly's, and offers a nice opportunity for parents to relax! Eco Ranger activities run over QLD school holidays and Queensland public holidays.*
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Birding Report July 2016

1st-Willywagtail still around and feeding off walnuts a bit. 2 x Peregrine Falcons at the dead trees at Lukes Farm was a good sight to see. We can only hope this year maybe the year [...]
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Birding Report June 2016

4th-Willy wagtail still around. Grey Goshawk at Parrot feeding area in the cloudy conditions trying some stealth attack feeding-well it is the ‘bird feeding area’. Lyrebirds calling after rain behind cafe and displaying male near [...]
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Australia '05

Birding Report May 2016

We've had a number of sightings from around the park lately. The cooler weather has brought out the likes of the Double Barred Finch spotted just outside the Guesthouse on the lawns, alighting towards the Parks section over the road.
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