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Birding Report July 2016

1st-Willywagtail still around and feeding off walnuts a bit. 2 x Peregrine Falcons at the dead trees at Lukes Farm was a good sight to see. We can only hope this year maybe the year for some chicks. Wedgetail Eagle seen over Morans Valley late in day.

2nd-A busy day at Lukes Farm and Bluff with two Wedge Tail Eagles soaring about, then a Brown Goshawk and then a Peregrine Falcon in the dead trees near the escarpment. A couple of Pale Headed Rosellas were right at the Bluff edge and the usual two Tawny Frogmouths were snuggled up in their favourite winter sun tree. A stack of Pied Butcherbirds greeted us at Pats Gate, Lukes Farm, maybe 8 plus was handy.

3rd-Magpie in the treetops around the Church and Cafe area-calling plenty too, Jacky in the bird aviaries was a tad excited to hear a fellow species. Mark J had a Kookaburra flyby in the Morans Valley. Luke got an Eastern Rosella in Nerang which is pretty good going north of the Border. Grey Goshawk near powerlines in Morans Valley ‘waitn on the wind’. Luke got the Emerald Dove at the top of Wishing Tree track again near the soak here. It didn’t take off and was happy to be close range.

4thCollared Sparrowhawk calling from the Canungra Creek side of the Guesthouse Ridgeline. Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo this morning too around camping area. Trent had a male Lyrebird or two near the staff carpark on the bushy hillside. Bassian Thrushes seem to be in ‘high tide’ around the place just lately turning up in garden beds, tracks, grassy clearings, kinda everywhere, some calling.

5thGrey Goshawk Morans Valley

6thPale Yellow Robin at top of Morans Falls. Tawny Frogmouth near the Pine Mountain Farm, 7km down main road

8thYellow Tailed Black Cockatoos along main ridgeline again.

9thEmerald Dove at top of Wishing Tree Track. Adios to the hollow trunk at the Treetop/ Booyong Walk first turnoff which was housing an Owlet nightjar occasionally last year but much more in previous years. Logrunner nest down the Border Track a small way.

10th-Pied Butcherbird atop the Phone Tower calling (no-not a phone call- but a phone tower call) in the early morning, most likely came over from Lukes Farm

11thPipits at Lukes Farm lower down near the old dairy. Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos around the escarpment here.

12th-Luke had Peregrine Falcon at Lukes Farm in the old Tallowood Trees

15th-Eastern Rosellas on a Powerline at Nerang near the High School was a bit amusing. Seems like they are moving well over the Border lately. Wedgetail Eagle in Canungra Valley as well as at bottom of the range, main road. Both Eagles trying to gain lift in the still valley. Varied Sittellas-about 6 came through the forest at Morans Falls in the Eucalypt section which is nice for here and fairly atypical. 2 Lyrebirds seen along Morans Track near the top by guests.  Mark W had a Tawny Frogmouth at Morans Creek, early on dark.

16thCrested Shrike Tit found by guests at the start of Morans Track. Wedgetail Eagle over main ridgeline at Guesthouse midday.  Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos along Canungra Valley sides near West Canungra side. Varied Triller at Flying Fox.

17thVaried Triller seen twice at Flying Fox. Masked Lapwings to helipad at night

18th-Plenty of Regent Bowerbirds and Parrots around lately. Seem to be pretty keen for food right now.

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