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Birding Report June 2016

4th-Willy wagtail still around. Grey Goshawk at Parrot feeding area in the cloudy conditions trying some stealth attack feeding-well it is the ‘bird feeding area’. Lyrebirds calling after rain behind cafe and displaying male near staff village reported by Mark J.

5thGrey Goshawk at Moonlight Crag, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos above Guesthouse, Rose Crowned Fruit Dove at Morans Creek Crossing,

6th-Lovelly Emerald Dove on the road to Moonlight Crag. Guests reported Noisy Pitta near Guesthouse tracks.

7thVaried Triller and Riflebird calling at Flying Fox area. More Regent Bowerbirds showing up to morning birdwalk.

10thCommon Bronzewings roadside on the lower sections of the main road. Grey Goshawk and Wedgtail Eagles around the Guesthouse environs midday. Emerald Dove Roadside near villa 2.

12th-Tawny Frogmouth at Flying Fox area on Gloworm tour, also seen last week. Varied Triller calling again here during daytime. Foot problems-a couple poor birds with foot deformities were interesting-and saddening for them. A Currawong with a folded foot and a Satin Bowerbird with a huge back claw making the rest of the foot stand into the air. Both getting around ok still and Bowerbirds were enjoying the raw leaves of the Buddlejas behind the cafe.

13th-Another couple of Emerald Doves higher up the Red Road to Moonlight was a bonus.

14thYellow Tailed Black Cockatoo afternoon.

10th-Luke and I spotted a Bassian Thrush (maybe) without a tail-now that’s really making things hard to tell apart from the Russet Tail

13th-3 Yellow Tailed Black Cockies across ridgeline at sunset.

16thCrested Shrike Tit calling in flying fox area

17th-Morning birdwalk with Trent and Mark had female Paradise Riflebird near cafe and a youngish male Lyrebird. Megan and Sabine got a Wompoo Pigeon on the Morans Falls track. Boobook Owl at Cafe trees about 7:30. Duncan had a Brown Quail roadside near the vineyard.

19th-Luke reported a Black Shouldered Kite at the bottom of the mountain road

20thMasked Lapwing and Boobook Owl around Church/ Helipad area

21st-Good activity in the Eucalypt country with 2 Rose Robins seen and another 2 heard. Generally busy with other bush birds. Lyrebirds seen along Border Track. Marbled frogmouth on guidepost near Kamarun Lookout. Masked lapwings at helipad.

24thGrey Goshawk at Charlies Waterhole midday, Lyrebird near Elabana falls reported by Guests.

26thLyrebird seen at the Old Forestry Camp area.

27thGrey Goshawk pretty much everywhere around Morans Valley. Luke spotted 5 Brown Quail on segway tour on the Red Road. Willy wagtail getting a bit tame about the Guesthouse and often running up to say hello, which is lovely, well Willy has developed a slight taste for walnut crumbs.

28th-a kind of busy day with a Brown Quail seen on the Bus tour both ways past Morans Falls turnoff on Red Road. Moonlight Crag Road had an Emerald Dove going up and a Wompoo Pigeon seen a couple times shuffling down the road on the way back. Balancing rock was busy with highlights being a Pardalote down lowish and Rose Robins about. Driving down the main road spotted a Marbled Frogmouth again on a low line close to the roadside in the ‘Dump’ area-looked very brown suggesting female, good look at side blotching and longish plumes above the bill. To back this up a Sooty Owl was heard a few minutes down the road at Pine Mountain. The screaming type call came from up the Cainbable Creek side-which is where plenty of big Brush-box trees are but the area from whence it was heard is also forest edge and farmland. A Lyrebird was spotted by guests on the villa track.

29th-As an interesting point from down the coast, there is a Rufous Fantail still hanging around for the last month in the Ocean Shores area-looks like it is staying the winter at this rate and well into July.

30th-Luke at about 11am and Mary O’Reilly/Mark J managed to spot the amazing Spotted Quail Thrushes around the ‘Quick and Lively’ East West Changeover on the main road. This is still great news to know they are around and doing well. Mary narrowly avoided running over the female whom sat on the road and didn’t budge-careful driving we hope will occur everywhere, by everyone to avoid this majestic species being damaged.

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