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Birding Report May 2016

April 29-Guest had 2 Rose Crowned Doves down low near Elabana Falls. Morning Birdwalk with Luke had a Riflebird in the turning circle, Pitta on the Boardwalk

May 1st-Mark C got a Double Barred Finch just outside the Guesthouse on the lawns, alighting towards the Parks section over the road. Emerald Dove wandering along side of Villa track. White Necked Heron roadside Pine Mountain again. White Eared Monarchs at Rainforest edge was great-calling and flipping around the clearing for ages with no encouragement-another one maybe spurring it on a little. Rose Robins were helpful here.

2ndYellow Tailed Black Cockatoo in the Mist across Albert river Valley. Grey Goss down valley floor.

3rdWILLY WAGTAIL Returns! One heard at dusk around back of Cafe. Pale Yellow Robin in first Beech Trees on Box Forest Circuit. Several Riflebirds heard along Border Track with calls of the chuck chuck chuck type where two birds were close together. Owlet Nightjar well seen sitting roadside (night) at Snake Ridge 2 miles out from O’Reilly’s. Great views even allowed seeing the yellowish feet detail.

4th-Luke reported Peregrine Falcon and Grey Goshawk in addition to the Bird of Prey Show

5th-Luke reported Peregrine Falcon at Lukes Farm, Tawnies are still there and he also saw 2 Grey Goshawks and a, not so typical, Figbird around the Mountain Gardens.

7th-Guests had Lyrebird around the Guesthouse

8th-A major find with Luke getting a male Spotted Quail Thrush on the main road in the Bundaleer (Arborlon) Bends, driving up today. Great news to hear they are hanging on and doing well. Paula Zoch reported Emerald Dove around Guesthouse rooms. Noisy Pitta call sunset on start of Booyong Walk.

10th-Luke and I spotted a Bassian Thrush (maybe) without a tail-now that’s really making things hard to tell apart from the Russet Tail

13th-3 Yellow Tailed Black Cockies across ridgeline at sunset.

14thEmeral Dove at the start of the Wishing Tree track, just before sunset.

15thGrey Goshawk seen in various places during the day with Kaye seeing it on Birdwalk as well as scooping Riflebird and Noisy Pitta. Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo flying along solo around ridgeline. West Cliffs walk had Red Browed Treecreeper and Varied Sitellas and Riflebird Male ascending uphill paralleling the West Cliff Track above the Python Rock intersection. Variegated Fairy Wrens at Morans Falls lookout clearing, they haven’t been in this area for a while, very close range.

18thSooty Owl calling at night behind the Church, close range insect like call.

19thRiflebird down Python Rock Track

20th-Quite a satisfying morning with Pitta up the Booyong Track-(not very co-operative though) and Paradise Riflebird male seen from boardwalk in the area as long as we wanted to see it-walking both ways was great to get a good look at him. ON return later Riflebird again, ended up stopping in fairly good view with eventually a Catbird nicely still too. Female Riflebird also came along into area. Under the Big Fig in staff village was holding some Regents and under we had a fairly cruisy Emerald Dove. An Immature Pied Butcherbird turned up unexpected at the Helipad without its full hood of black yet.  Lyrebirds reported down near the Morans Falls area. Ludi group Birders from USA got a Fuscus Honeyeater down at the O’Reilly’s Vineyard which is pretty handy. Rose Robin male well seen just above Morans Falls turnoff on Red Road. Wedgetail Eagles (10miles distant) towards the Border Ranges. Sparkies Satin Bower has moved from in the Lomandras near the parks Barbeques to about another 10 metres down the hill under some vines and a bit more concealed, that’s concealed I say, hint, hint photographers not to open up the area or it will move again. Sparky may come back but would have been in previous position maybe close to a decade.

21st-Out with Ludi group from USA we had some Regent Males around Pine Tree tops near Guesthouse (finally, and scopeable!). Good activity of small Eucalypt birds around Morans Clearing, abundant Silvereyes everywhere. Peregrine Falcon over the Balancing Rock Ridge. Some members scored  a Riflebird when walking around treetops area, 2 Lyrebirds down Box Forest Circuit and one lucky photographer scored a smashing low down view of a Spotted Pardalote male in the burrowing mode getting into some breeding mode.

22nd-Guests scored Noisy Pitta on Albert River Circuit. Birding with Ludi grup has us find Red Browed treecreepers, Variegated Wren, Pardalotes, Brown Falcon down Duck Ck Rd. Nightime busy on dark with Boobook Owl and Sooty Owl calling in Morans Valley.

30th-Double Wedgetail Eagle show along the West Cliffs under Python Rock Lookout. Grey Goshawk in Morans Valley around  flying fox. Double Boobook Owl treat behind the cafe at night

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